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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dragonfly lesson

dragonflylesson, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

Here is a little lesson on how to draw a dragonfly. This is the type of lesson you will find in my doodles classes....

Tydragonfly, this one is for you!


Kaza said...

Cool - did this in Illustrator - thanks

Pam Aries said...

Hi nickie! TYdragonfly needs to see this! She says she is doodle impaired! Pam Aries (Violette's)

AnastasiaC said...

very cute and easy too!

Kai said...

this is sooo kewl, im doing a garden scene with dragonflies now :) ty for sharing!!
Peace, kai

Beth said...

Hi Nickie,,I have some ATCs that you did and traded with me last year or year before,,,I love your art! I am in the post card group too. Thanks for this tutorial!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the lesson! That was fun and my kids even reckon my drawing looks like a dragon fly lol.

kymmie said...

I did it! Yay! Thanks for posting this mini-lesson. I rely too heavily on cut-and-paste and stickers. I need to impart some more of myself within my books.

Jo said...

Nicolette - THANK YOU! I volunteer at an Adult Day Care once a week and usually teach them a simple craft or art project. Today we used your doodle lesson and it was WONDERFUL!!!
I was totally amazed that everyone was able to doodle a dragonfly (except for one client who is really in a bad way). Most of these poor seniors have some form of dementia - mostly Alzheimer's - and can barely remember how to write their names.

I used a chalkboard to demonstrate the steps and waited until everyone 'doodled' the line or circle before moving on to the next step. Afterwards, I had them decorate their dragonflies with colored pencils. They LOVED doing this project and have requested more! I took pictures of their work but I'm having trouble retrieving them from the disk to which I copied.

Tomorrow I will stop by the day care again to take a photo of their 'gallery' with my own camera to show you what you inspired.

Please tell me which of your online scribble classes cover the simplest doodles so we can do this project again.
Thanks again!
hugs, Jo