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Thursday, March 10, 2005

RCMP Memorial

RCMP2, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

Today at the University of Alberta, a memorial was held to remember RCMP Constables Peter Schiemann, Leo Johnston, Anthony Gordon and Brock Myrol.

The following words were taken from Prime Minister Paul Martin's remarks at the service:
"To wear the uniform of the RCMP is to dedicate oneself to feats of courage and to nobility of purpose. It is to carry one of Canada's greatest traditions into a future of unyielding change. These four young men, alive in the early summer of life, rest now in the serenity of God's embrace. They are mourned by neighbours, they are mourned by their nation. Their memory will be eternal. And so too will our gratitude."

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catsmeows said...

Hi there Nickie what a lovely thing to do. I felt so bad about this. All of them so young and so much to live for....hugs Cats Meows (Cat from CE)