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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Art Journaling Every Day

Starting the Art Journaling Every Day Challenge at Balzer Designs has led me back to an old friend, my art journal!  So far it has not been difficult to fill the pages, but I have been home on Christmas vacation.  It will interesting to see what happens once I return to work.

This page was created for a calendar that I am contributing to.  It will be for the photo with the July/August pages, so I wanted something with a garden feel, but also with my own personal whimsical style.

The pages below have more of a diary feel.

The next one is a page in progress, my word of intent for the year 2011.  I do not make resolutions - they don't work for me.  Instead, I have a word that will be my focus for the year.  This word means so many things to me, and ties into all that I would like to be in 2011. I will post the finished page once it is done!

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Anonymous said...

My word of the year for 2010 seems to be overworked, and second word, tiredness. I prefer your word of awareness. Might switch mine to Creative so I get a new mind set in April. :)