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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Autumn Quote

As you know, I love doing art blog challenges! I think I have one for every day of the week now...

This challenge is from a great blog, called One Powerful Hour. The trick is to try and complete the challenge in one hour. This week's challenge was AUTUMN. A favourite subject of mine, the quotes about this season are always so beautiful, and have such great imagery to work with. Combine that with the beautiful autumn color palette (provided courtesy of my favourite COPIC markers) and I was able to come up with this lovely little piece.


cmoh said...

What a fabulous quote! And the colors you used are very aututmn...great piece.

Thanks for taking the challenge!

freebird said...

Very nice piece. I think making something in one hour would be too much pressure for me! Sometimes I can do an inchie in that time frame and then I think wow, that was a quick project!