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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dance, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

For Illustration Friday. I thought it would be fun to leave part of this scene to the imagination. My son wanted to know why I made the boy's hands so creepy....but doesn't that make you wonder what the rest of him looks like?


Wanda said...

Hey, I LIKE this! I think the focus on the feet/legs for a dance drawing is perfect. And to me, it sort of brings out the shyness and awkwardness of the two people. They are teenagers or pre-teens, right? It makes them seem so to me.

Jennifer said...

Neat viewpoint ... my mom has done a couple pictorial quilts showing just the people's feet and they are some of my favorites! Funny comment your son made about the boy's hands ... I noticed that, too, and also about the girl's arms ... was wondering is that a girl with one of those shirts with the hanging sleeves or is she a bird? Hmmm ... you've got me wondering what they look like, too!

michael dailey said...

i would say from the look of em they 're ready for the monster mash. i heard it was a grave yard splash. Nice effect just give a lil glimpse of wht they might look like. nice idea and drawing.

Marilyn said...

Your work is so much fun. This is just so cool and with your great lettering. Perhaps he looks like someone from the Adams Family?