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Monday, March 20, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday -

The challenge this week was to try to do something in a bigger format than we are usually use to. I am use to working on ATC's, and until now, my art journals have not been bigger than 5x8. This is a page in a new journal that I have started, which is 8 1/2 x 11.
I am trying to do more pages in a diary type format, because I love to look back on these pages months and years later.


artfan said...

I really like the way set up your page. The art and the writting are so lively on the page. Don't your markers bleed through? Jean

Nicolette said...

Thank you Jean!
Yes my markers do bleed through - I don't mind - I just put a scrap paper behind to catch the ink, and I only write on the one side of the paper.
If I wanted, I could glue the next page to it, so that it would cover the back side of the page, but I don't mind being able to see it.

I find that the vibrancy of these markers makes the bleeding through a small price to pay!


Kirsten said...

This way of journalling is FANTASTIC! I used to write in a journal a lot but got bored with it (and found lots of other things to occupy my time - mostly scrapbooking) but this makes me want to start it up again! Just fabulous :)