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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nash Metropolitan

nash, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

For Illustration Friday: Metropolitan.
We went for a Sunday drive, and I was telling my husband how I had to draw something for this theme: all I could think of was a skyline, and as most of you may know, a skyline is not the type of thing I like to draw. "Maybe you are thinking too literal," my husband commented. A few minutes later, we passed a classic car "show and shine" in the parking lot of a local mall. We thought we would walk through and enjoy the summer sun a little longer. "What a cute car!" I commented, not knowing what type of car it was...then I read the sign - A NASH METROPOLITAN. Synchronicity? I think so!


isay said...

really cool!

Nita said...

Perfect! All interpretations of the word are valid. And you captured the color I remember from early cars!

Linda said...

Synchronicity indeed! Great car - and great lettering as always!

Anonymous said...

WHEE!!! I ****love**** this. I've been feeling so nostalgic/retro lately. This is awesome Nickie! All your drawings are absolutely delightful. More! More!


Slimbolala said...

Wow, that's also kind of "karmic".

Cool car.