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Friday, September 11, 2009

I would like to introduce you to one of my heroes, my online friend, Bernie Berlin.

Bernie is an amazing woman. In addition to being an incredible mixed media artist, Bernie runs a shelter for dogs and cats called A Place To Bark. Bernie has rescued thousands of sick, abused and abandoned animals. She is up all hours of the day and night caring for sick dogs and cats, and every week Bernie drives from Tennessee to Chicago with her van full of healed dogs and cats, so that they can be put up for adoption.

Right now, one of her dogs, Alphie, is in the Cutest Dog Competition on the All American Pets Brand website.


If her dog wins, Bernie will receive desperately needed funds for her shelter. If you’d like to help Bernie, and all of the animals, please register and vote here for this little love. You can even vote every day!

Molly and I have a challenge for all of you who have dogs or cats that YOU love. Go and make a donation to A Place to Bark, as I have. (I used PayPal) If all of us make a donation, we can help Bernie continue her amazing work!


Gary said...

I'm registered - what a great cause and what a good friend. Thanks for sharing. Gary.

Tammy said...

So sad to think how many dogs end up in shelters. Molly looks so sweet!

freebird said...

I'll go over to the site in a moment. Dogs are so innocent. I have one dog from a couple who were divorcing - the kids were dragging her around on a leash catching her neck on chair legs and such. When the mother said they needed to give up the dog I brought her home. Then I have a dog who never left it's cage from the time it was born till I reached in and picked him up (in spite of his growling and fang-baring). I tucked him under my shirt for an hour and he is my "baby" still. My third dog was bought off a couple my husband wanted to help but it was really the dog who needed help. She had a lump the size of an egg on her head and I saw the owners use PVC pipe and a huge ring of keys to control the dogs. Sarah has never had a lump on her head since. My fourth (and last for a while) dog came from the Los Angeles shelter. She'd been turned in twice but one look into her eyes and I was sunk. All of them are wonderful dogs but people have to take a few moments to get to know them first. I wish I could take dogs in like Bernie but I just can't.