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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

magical woman

magical woman, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

This is a 4 x 6 postcard, once again a combination of collage, and my own lettering. I just loved her face.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

This is really cool! This looks like the type of big image journaling that I always gravitate towards!

The Gypsy said...

I really like this. She does have a nice face, and I love colours and the words, everything.

Joyce said...

Fabulous page....a true work of art.

freebird said...

Very nice. You've combined someone who is looking mysteriously at something we can't see while calling women magical. I like it a lot. It also makes me think of kids who believe their mothers really have eyes in the back of their heads!

Sally said...

wonderful page. I like your ideas.

Aarti Harish said...


Sharon House said...

Love this quote... it is right on! We are such magical creatures LOL. Being an "asian" fan, I love the photo and the colours!