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Sunday, January 28, 2007

i heart the king

i heart the king, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

I had to make a pocket to put valentines in, for my monthly art group....I thought I would have fun with an Elvis theme. The background is layered crayon, and marker, blended together and then coated with a decoupage finish. Glitter nail polish provides the sparkle. The sides of the folder are sewn. Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome folder! I also love your paper dolls, they are great. aprilmcq@msn.com altered art group member.

sayyadina said...

Love it, I like the embellishments and by the way I adore Elvis so I think is great. How do you come up with such great ideas?
Thank you for the inspiration you bring to my life each time I read your blog.