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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Springtime in Alberta

springtime in alberta, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

This is the reason that I have been having such an artful weekend! All of this snow fell here in Edmonton between 11:00 pm on Friday night and this morning.
And yes, that is my picnic table where I like to sketch in the summer time. Guess that won't be happening for a while!


Sioux said...

Wow. I live in a land of no snow. That is beautiful. At least we have had rain the last two days!!

Linda said...

wow -- this really is beautiful! I'm very happy to see a PHOTO of all this snow (as opposed to the real thing!)
What a lovely courtyard, too.

Michelle said...

It's beautiful! But thats coming from someone who lives in the deep south where its 75 degrees out!!!

Dawn said...

Beautiful to look at, but back-breaking to shovel eh? And today's the first day of spring!

Lora said...

woo drawing out there would freeze your bootie!!! Hope it warms up soon! We're supposed to get a sprinkling of snow tonight...if schools are closed tomorrow I'll be snowed in with the boys.