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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Meet Me At The Garden Gate

meet me at the garden gate, originally uploaded by sapphire252.

In response to Funky Art Queen's Challenge (Link Below) - which was to create with gel pens on dark paper. When I looked at this paper, it reminded me of a starry night. I thought I would draw a garden gate, using a combination of some of the designs I created for my new More Delightful Doodles class. Using gel pens and black paper give the designs a completely different look from the original designs on white paper. I hope you like it!


Bonny said...

What a great drawing! I never would have thought to use gel pens on black paper; I've only ever tried white chalk and didn't like it much. This is really nice.

artfan said...

I really like your garden gate. The gel pens were inspired.

Moe said...

I LOVE the garden gate.

I've never had much luck with gel pens. They seem to die quickly. I was using them for writing a few years back and became frustrated and gave up. Your drawing is inspirational. :)

raggedj said...

What a magical and enchanting drawing!